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Vintek Solution is one of Chennai's leading sourcing agencies. From IT to Non IT professionals, we have the solution to all your recruitment and sourcing issues. We are a B2B sourcing platform and the premier destination for all your sourcing needs and requirements.

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Outsourced HR Services


HR Consulting

HR consulting is the practice of delivering all aspects of human resource management.

Contract Resource

Contract Resource

Contract Resource management is when someone takes on the responsibility of managing contracts.

Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

A staffing agency helps businesses by recruiting suitable employees to fill their job vacancies.

Corporate Program

Corporate Program

Corporate training, also known as Corporate Education or more recently Workplace Learning, is a system of activities designed to educate.While it helps employers, it is also beneficial for employees

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Leadership development is the process which helps expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations. Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of an organization.

Staff Management

Staff Management

Staff management is an important part of HR management that involves supervising, guiding, and improving employees' performance over time and using analytics to drive business decisions.

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Vintek Solution - The best solution to your Recruitment needs.
Searching the right candidate for the right job that you have to offer?
We are one of the best that you can find in Chennai !!
Our company acts as an intermediary between job seekers and employers. We help to streamline recruitment and match talent with the opportunities present with us. Our efforts create a transformative impact on the entire employment landscape with which we keep both our employers and employees happy.

  • For Employers
  • For Employees

We help our prospective clients (i.e, the employers) to recruit candidates on behalf of their company in order to fill job openings on their teams and help candidates find career opportunities in their chosen field. The positions that we help with are full-time or part-time, temporary, contract-to-hire or a direct-hire on a full-time basis.

Cliched as it may sound, but we are true to our word, when we promise you that - we not only help you to fill up positions but also help you find the appropriate candidates for the appropriate jobs.

  • Support on hiring employers
  • Get exceptional service for growth
  • Outsourced consulting business

We are here to spot and pick out talented individuals who can suit the plentiful of jobs that we have to offer.

Our company's specialization is Information Technology. We are focusing on improving the quality of IT in our country. For this we need the best of professionals who are quick learners and are well trained in the field of Information Technology. And we help you choose them for your company.

Our in-house IT specialists will provide the needed solutions to your company. These well trained and experienced professionals will give you the best IT solutions that your company is in need of.

  • Support on hiring employers
  • Get exceptional service for growth
  • Outsourced consulting business

Recently Closed Projects with our Clients

We have a number of successful and happy clientele on our list who have completed and closed their recent projects with us. Some of them are listed below:

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Consult with our expert team

An expert team consists of individuals who have expertise in a given domain but more importantly, they have the ability to work effectively with others, resulting in a high-performing team.

Our consultants are professionals and experts from most of the reputed industries, focused to deliver customized solutions to our clients. Our internal knowledge transfer ensures that our consultants have the latest updated information and knowledge that enable our delivery of the best in the consulting industry.

We, at Vintek, work with a motto for value addition towards our client's business model and explore areas where our organization could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes in order to maintain sustained growth.

We ensure that our clients consider our team of consultants as an extension of their employees and as their strategic partners for value creation across all of their business processes and for their entire gamut of business results.


Make a schedule with us

Actively establishing a daily schedule that includes prioritized tasks can help you keep your professional and personal lives balanced.

We can help you in reviewing your weekly schedule and determine if there are areas or tasks you can simplify or optimize to save time.


Hire your potential candidates

Recruiting top talent takes a combination of creativity and diligence. Technology makes it easier than ever to publish job postings to a broad audience — but to really connect with qualified candidates and drive excitement about the role and your company, you have to find ways to stand out from other employers.
Our firm helps you to devise a plan of action which aids you in successfully identifying, attracting and hiring the best candidates for your open roles. These basic starting points can help you recruit the job seekers you are looking for.

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Staffing Partners

Staffing solutions refer to the process of finding and hiring the right candidates to fill positions within an organization. This can be done through a variety of methods including recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates. Recruitment falls under the umbrella of Staffing. It is all about sourcing the best talent and making sure that you retain them and develop them into assets for your business


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Our company's staffing solutions includes Database selection, Executive search, Advertised selection and Turnkey recruitment solutions. Emphasizing on timely delivery, quality expertise, conforming to quality parameters and offering high quality staffing and recruitment solutions.